About New Jersey Airbrush & Design

New Jersey Airbrush & Design was established in 1986 by owner / artist Shannon (MacDonald). Our company is family owned and operated. We are equipped to create "Traditional" and "Digital" art. From the airbrush world to the digital world, our facility can handle the smallest of logos to the largest custom designs on Tour Busses.
We have designed for John Q. Public and Average Joe to The Beatles and Donald Trump... always fitting our capabilities to your budget.
Our "on location" work is in the Monmouth County, New Jersey area. Our bulk of service is in the New Jersey / New York / Tri-State area but we have many artists working nationally and Internationally with New Jersey Airbrush & Design. We also travel around the globe.
For the more serious buyer, by request, owner/artist *Shannon ( www.theshannongallery.com ) can be commissioned.

* All artwork viewable on the New Jersey Airbrush & Design webpages are created and owned by Shannon.

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 10am to 7pm EST
Saturday - 12pm - 5pm EST
Sunday - By Appointment Only
Call for appointment or estimate 310.739.4930
Email: info@newjerseyairbrush.com

Photo 1: AMERICAN AIRLINES - Logo Design - Digital and Airbrush combination.
Photo 2: GEARHEADZ / '32 FORD - Candy scallops and logo design combination. (Not only was this car designed by us, but the picture you are looking at is an actual airbrushed painting of that car, painted by Shannon, owner of New Jersey Airbrush & Design)
Photo 3: TONK's OIL RECYCLING / TOMS RIVER, NJ - Airbrushed Logo Design prepped for Vinyl Placement on all vehicles, large and small.

Our Mission

Our mission has always been to focus on customer needs. Whether you are looking for a logo design or a giant mural, we want you happy. Whether you are a large company, like McDonald's, or a small business owner just starting out - our goal is to fit your budget with the best possible design(s) we can create. Big or small...we will make you proud.

We are also "GREEN CONSCIENCE" in our practice. We use PPG Envirobase Paints because they are the cleanest available.

Our Goal

Since 1986 our creative standings in the business of art have been high for ourselves and toward you, the customer. Every image designed, created, and executed has been an award-winner - whether in an international winner's circle or in the owner's eyes. For almost 30-years we have delivered "the best of the best" and will continue to do so.

Our goal is to keep this 5-star reputation and delivery untarnished. Whether you are in New Jersey, in the USA, or across the seas...we aim to please.

Our Location • Your Location • National • International

The two paintings below were done in our studio. The first was created for McDonald's in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The second was created for the Hard Day's Night Hotel in Liverpool, England. The first was hand delivered by us. The second was rolled and packaged inside a *tube and shipped - International.
We have tackled jobs all over the world. Our reputation has kept our business in A+ standings for 3-decades and continues to do so.

* We ship worldwide using YAZOO MILL tubes - YAZOO MILLS is the only company with the "guaranteed not to crush" policy on all their tubes.

Airbrush Education and Seminars

Do you want to learn how to airbrush? Are you an experienced airbrush artist but want to know and understand more about the tricks and tips of the business? Maybe you want to advance to photo-realism, hyper realism, and/or intricate gallery work? Do you want to learn more about the "PPG Envirobase" Waterborne Movement that is taking over the business? Owner/Artist, Shannon (www.theshannogallery.com) teaches airbrush design from "Beginner Bootcamp" to "Advanced Illustration". Find out more on our "Airbrush Education Page".

CONTACT US at 310.739.4930